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   TASA Tiles Joint Stock Company - Established on December 19, 2013 under the Business Registration Certificate No. 2600896511, based in Thuy Van Industrial Zone,

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Viet Tri City, Phu Tho Province.
Manufacturing: Ceramic tiles.
With a total investment of nearly 2000 billion.
The company has 08 production lines, capacity of 26 million m2 products per year.
Total number of employees to 1000 people, strong NPP network has long experience in the field of tile distribution, covering all over the country.

    Vision TASA: The goal of building and developing to become the leading brick and tile manufacturer in Vietnam. TASA Tiles Joint Stock Company is the combination and concentration of many technical experts, leading technology in the ceramic industry in Vietnam.
     With the business philosophy "bright bright future" . TASA has a strategic vision and aspires to build a professional management system, a friendly and healthy working environment, and TASA's unique cultural identity. In addition, TASA has developed a diversified product structure, modern code, high quality, reasonable price, satisfy the tastes of consumers.